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Blended Learning

What Blended Learning Is . . . . and What It Isn’t

For First In Safety and our students, blended learning is that perfect combination of online content and in-person skills sessions.

Or, as the North American Council for Online Learning puts it:

“In general terms, blended learning combines online delivery of educational content with the best features of classroom interaction and live instruction to personalize learning, allow thoughtful reflection, and differentiate instruction from student to student across a diverse group of learners.”

What blended learning isn’t:

Blended learning should not be confused with “online only” courses. These courses do not include any hands-on skill assessment by a qualified instructor. A student reads material online, pays a fee, and receives a certification card.

First In Safety do not endorse or offer online only certification courses. Instead, we agree with the Occupational Safety & Health Institute Letter of Interpretation, where they find that “online training alone would not meet the requirements of [OSHA standards 29 CFR 1910.151, 1910.146, 1910.266, 1910.269, 1910.410, and 1926.950].”

The Benifets of Blended Learning:

  • You have access to your courses by using the link which will be in the email notification that you will receive once you register.
  • You have around-the-clock access to your courses, with the ability to start and stop at your convenience.
  • Our online learning platform provides a consistent and structured approach for delivering the course content to you.
  • The online course content is delivered with video and PowerPoint-style slides to improve engagement and learning.
  • Built-in library function provides additional information.

Skills practice and evaluation:

Remember, a blended learning class must include a hands-on skills practice, focusing on the skill learning objectives for each program:

  • Just like our classroom classes, a skills practice session is scenario-based for a memorable, confidence-building student experience.
  • The session covers the same skill activities as a traditional classroom class.
  • A session can include just one or two students, or as many as 10–12.
  • The online course content is delivered with video and PowerPoint-style slides to improve engagement and learning.

Certification Issued

After successfully completion of the skills session you will receive your accredited certification card.

Courses offered as blended learning:

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