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2015 Guidline

What are guidelines? Standards for training lay providers in CPR were first established in 1974 by the American Heart Association. Since then, the process for establishing a standardized effort for layperson training in emergency care has occurred about every five years. Over time standards have changed into guidelines, a global expert consensus process has developed, and first aid treatments have been added. The most recent release of the newest guidelines was in October, 2015.

The Health & Safety Institute uses the new guideline release as an opportunity to create completely new versions of our core training programs. These new versions will not only incorporate all of the guideline changes, but also new features and improvements to meet the ongoing expectations of our instructors and their students.

We are currently reviewing and identifying the changes within the guidelines and are creating a “Guidelines Summary” document outlining those changes.

As with all of the other large training organizations, it will take some time to create our revised training programs. To help address the desire to include the new guidelines into training as soon as possible, we will quickly create interim training materials that incorporate many of the changes into the existing training process.

We will keep you informed when the new guidelines are in place and what they are and how they will apply to you in future classes.